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Woodridge Memorial Park - Lexington, SC

When you choose to be buried in a memorial park, you get more than just a grave or cemetery plot—you receive a permanent sacred resting place. Combining the harmony of the past and the natural beauty of the Lexington area, Woodridge Memorial Park offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere where you can say goodbye to your loved ones.

Whether you’re currently in the planning stages of your final wishes, or if you’re facing a recent loss and want to find a place where you can feel supported, Woodridge Memorial Park is here to serve you. Our dedicated, compassionate staff is available to answer your questions and help you begin the process of saying goodbye—and to do it somewhere you feel welcomed.

Contact us today at (803) 957-7252 to help deal with your recent loss or to learn more about making advance arrangements at Woodridge Memorial Park.

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The Woodridge Memorial Park Grounds

Woodridge Memorial Park has been proudly serving Lexington County families since 1976. Offering 15 acres of carefully maintained grounds that are nestled in the rolling hills and deep valleys that make this part of South Carolina such a beautiful place to live, you’ll feel at peace from the moment you first walk through the gates.

Unique features like our 50-seat mausoleum chapel, family shelter gazebo and one-acre pond allow you to hold your special memorial occasions on site. From funerals and anniversaries to special events, we encourage you to treat our facilities like your own, and to know that you can always enjoy a unique and memorable experience with those you love.

Why Choose a Memorial Park?

A memorial park is meant to provide a place of peace and contemplation to help you with your feelings of loss. The benefits of having a permanent memorial site have been proven to be beneficial in the process of grief recovery. 

  • Friends and family members have a physical place to visit and grieve.
  • A gravesite is an anchor to the past and to your family’s unique history.
  • You can select a specific location (near a pond or landscaping feature) that provides personal comfort.
  • From our mausoleum to family burial plots, we can create a safe, welcoming environment for your entire family to be at rest together.

And because we believe in joining the past and the future, we provide options to suit every lifestyle and funeral budget. We currently offer affordable options for in-ground burial, our public mausoleum, cremation niches and other types of permanent memorialization.

Planning for the Future

Planning for the future is something we take seriously at Woodridge Memorial Park. That’s why every family at rest here takes part in our endowed care program. It is dedicated to keeping the grounds, structures, and landscaping in good repair no matter how much time goes by or what happens in the surrounding community. This perpetual care fund ensures that the memorial park will continue to provide the same quality of upkeep and care for decades to come.

If you’d like to make advance arrangements to ensure that you and your loved ones can be buried together, we are always happy to sit down with you and go over the options. There are few things in life that are more personal than a funeral, and it’s our goal to ensure that your Lexington cemetery experience is all that you wish. Contact us today at (803) 957-7252 to help deal with your recent loss or to learn more about making advance arrangements at Woodridge Memorial Park.